Women subjected to vicious attack that lasted for 30 minutes, described as “feeding frenzy”

Isabella George, 19, and Rebekah Forgey, 20, were out for an evening run on a secluded road in Carroll County, Indiana, when a terrifying incident occurred. The two cousins were attacked by a pack of four aggressive pit bulls that emerged from an uncontrolled, wooded property.

The women fled in fear and panic across a field towards Isabella’s residence, but the canines eventually caught up and pulled them to the ground, tearing their flesh. The frenzy of feeding persisted for a gruesome half-hour before they were finally saved. Regrettably, the pair did not emerge from the ordeal unscathed.

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Despite their 30-minute struggle to fend off the aggressive dogs, the women were unable to escape their grasp. As a result, one of the cousins lost most of her scalp, while the other was left with significant scars throughout her body. Rebekah was rushed to critical care after 75% of her scalp was torn off, and Isabella sustained multiple deep puncture wounds across her body from the vicious attack.

Photographs of Isabella, taken by her mother Shena George, have already been shared online in the aftermath of the incident. In these graphic images, the teenager can be seen with extensive puncture wounds inflicted by the dogs all over her body. From head to toe, the pictures show Isabella bearing deep bite marks and significant bruises, revealing the brutal extent of the attack.

Shena George

In contrast to her cousin, Isabella was able to recover at home soon after the attack. Rebekah, however, had a more difficult time. Despite being in stable condition initially, she had to be transported to another hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit. It appears that she will require surgery, which may involve muscle and skin transplants, to repair areas of her body where the pit bulls tore away flesh and muscle.

The scene was reminiscent of a horror movie. When Shena came upon Isabella and Rebekah, they were covered in blood and viciously attacked. Shena remembers the sight as harrowing. Rebekah sustained such severe injuries that 75% of her scalp had to be removed, making it impossible for her to grow hair again. Shena wasn’t certain that Rebekah would survive the ordeal.

Shena George

Expressing his relief, Isabella’s father Derrick George shook his head and said that he was grateful that she had survived. He added that she had bite marks covering her body.

Isabella’s boyfriend, Curtis Conklin, recounted how she had attempted to shield herself by raising her arms, but the dogs continued to attack her relentlessly. He went on to say that according to information shared by the family, Rebekah had to undergo skin grafts and transplant surgery to replace muscle that was torn off her leg. Additionally, the attack caused her to lose 75% of her hair.

Rebekah is presently in stable condition and receiving care in the intensive care unit, as reported by the Forgey family. The Life Gate Church, where the cousins attend, requested on Facebook that people pray to prevent infections from developing in her wounds. They also stated that the dogs did not harm her face, which remained unscathed.

Despite the severity of their injuries, the fact that the women survived the attack is nothing short of a miracle. The attack came to an end only when a passerby noticed the incident and drove her truck into the field, causing the dogs to scatter. She was then able to assist the injured women into her car and call for emergency services. All four dogs were later located and put down by authorities.


The police have requested that the owner of the dogs be charged, as the animals had reportedly not been properly fed, which may have contributed to their aggressive behavior. Richard Darter, who has taken responsibility for the dogs, has since been charged with eight counts of causing severe bodily injury through dog bites.

Sheriff Toby Leazenby of Carroll County recounted that the incident was described as a “feeding frenzy,” with the women fighting to defend themselves against the attacking dogs. Based on the extent of the injuries, he fears that the dogs were actually feeding on their victims. The sheriff issued a stern warning, emphasizing that those who choose to keep animals should be accountable for their actions.

Shena George

The 50-year-old owner of the dogs attempted to stop the attack and was also bitten by the dogs. Fortunately, a driver intervened and saved him as well. It was discovered that Darter had been previously warned for not controlling his dogs and allowing them to roam freely on his property. In fact, he had received a citation just a few months before the attack on the jogging cousins. Two years earlier, his dogs had also been involved in a biting incident.

Sheriff Leazenby expressed his gratitude for the driver who intervened, describing it as a stroke of luck. He noted that the chance of someone passing by on that remote road at that exact moment was extremely slim, but it provided an opportunity for the women to be rescued and taken to safety. The sheriff praised the woman’s bravery and quick thinking, stating that her actions were not only courageous but also smart. He shuddered to think what might have happened if she had not been there at the right time to assist. The driver remains unidentified.

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