Wonderful friendship between a diver and the giant fish he saved

A Japanese diver has been buddies with a specific fish for 25 years; this is not a fable.

One of the Shinto temples known as tori hich, located beneath Tateyama Bay in Japan, was assigned to Hiroyuki Arakawa to oversee.

Over the years, he learned to know the aquatic life around the shrine and, in a sense, grew close to Yoriko, an Asian sheepshead wrasse.

Arakawa’s act of kissing the fish to greet it in a popular video perfectly captures their relationship.

Fish can recognize a human face, according to a recent scientific study, which is a significant thing.

According to Dr. Cait Newport from the University of Oxford, “Two images of human faces were presented to fish by scientists and the fish were trained to choose one by spitting their jet at the picture,” after being shown two images of human faces by experts.

“The researcher choose to make things little difficult. They made the picture black and white and the head shapes were evened out. You would be of the thought that would throw the fish for a loop. But no. they were able to pick the face they were familiar with and with more accuracy: 86%!”

Here are Japanese diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and Yoriko, a local fish who has been his friend for 25 years. The man kisses the fish every time they cross paths. When Arakawa was given the responsibility of maintaining an underwater Shinto shrine, they first met.

Their bond just became stronger throughout the years, and we can all learn from this.

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